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Made for Stroud International Textile Festival Pyramid 2010  10' high; 5' sq base

Made for Stroud International Textile Festival Pyramid 2010
10′ high; 5′ sq base

 30 April – 23 May 2010

This was the first ‘Community Pyramid’ designed for a specific event and also as a fundraiser for the Stroud International Textile Festival 2010. Built as an integrated structure of woven newspaper (Guardian; Financial Times, the thin pink bottom line!) and snowballs made by many local school children in the Stroud area it stood outdoors for one month withstanding gale force winds and high temperatures only scantly protected by microcrystalline wax.

It was greatly admired. The Snowball Gang multiplied in number as more and more children contributed a snowball to the project. The money raised by ticket sales asking people to guess how many snowballs this installation contained was donated to S.I.T. The many hands that made the snowballs helped with the success of the festival and raise the profile of Stroud as a city for art events.

The project that came next was for the Alzheimer Society.

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