The Gang go to Japan & North America



Twenty-four members of the Snowball Gang left England on 2 September and have gone on a long distance flight to Japan and to North America. Each snowball has been tagged with a scribble and the letter ‘F’ which is very faint. One of the snowballs has a blue tag because we ran out of the others!

They are accompanying their leader while she visits her family who live far from home in two different countries. During her travels each snowball will be left somewhere with a letter of explanation.

They are on an adventure…perhaps they’ll end up living miles away too! Or perhaps they will find their way home…the ecological way!

If you should find one of the snowballs, we hope you will join our discussion about the ecological dilemma of loving our family, maintaining strong links, and loving our planet especially when the planet is starting to grumble.

What should we be doing about this? Who should be involved? How do we get the transport providers to pay attention?

Meanwhile, we will be posting photographs showing the position and location of each of the snowballs.

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