‘Formal Dress’ debut at the Stroud International Textiles Festival

As part of the Stroud International Textiles Festival celebrating textiles & contemporary cross art forms – 1st to 23rd May 2010 – the Snowball Gang make their debut as ‘Formal Dress‘.

It is their first ‘public’ pyramid that will be used to raise funds for the event in line with their aim, which is to become a social entrepreneurial artwork practice.

This pyramid, called ‘Formal Dress’, is the result of many small gestures made by a lot of people. Small, medium and large hands of all ages have made one paper snowball…and the pile keeps growing for future projects! For the ruching, it was decided that ‘up-cycled’ Guardian newspapers would be a suitable choice complementing the snowballs and also a salute to Stroud’s green social history.

With so many anonymous volunteers, it isn’t easy to say who made the pyramid, so we just call ourselves The Snowball Gang to embrace the growing number of snowball makers as well as all their snowballs. Banded together we are a unique artwork practice ready to do stuff for Art and the Community in diverse ways.

Materials used in ‘Formal Dress’:

  • freely resourced recycled paper (an assortment)
  • paper snowballs made from paper and water only
  • the Guardian newspaper
  • metal armature strung with single and multiply wire
  • plant twist tie wire
  • wire mesh
  • No More Nails
  • micro-crystalline wax

Thank You

We thank the Stroud International Textile Festival for inviting us to take part in this event for our debut. We hope our endeavours to raise money for some aspect of its future in Stroud community will be well supported.

Snowball Gang Raffle Tickets

The Snowball Gang raffle tickets in aid of Stroud International Textile Festival are available at all Festival venues. The prizes include a weekend at the home of the Snowball Gang for two, an excusiion with the Snowball Gang and a life membership of Stroud International Textiles.

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